Common questions

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1What jobs do you have?
We have an extended variety of jobs, as you can see in the sections Permanent Job Offers and Current Job Offers. Also, if you haven’t found a job offer suitable for your needs, contact our Consultants who can offer you the best career advice. Each candidate will have one assigned Consultant. This way, the Consultant can schedule you for an official registration, so that he/she can start working for you and get you the job you want.
2What is the role of a recruitment agency?
A recruiting agency considerably increases the employment chances of the candidates. All the candidates adverted to the employers by the recruiting agencies have higher chances of being hired than those who apply directly to the employer because the employers usually use the services of recruitment agencies and they usually bring forward the candidates recommended by them.
3Are the jobs you intermediate legal?
Our company works only with legal schemes, therefore all the jobs offered by employers are based on legal employment contracts. Moreover, our company is accredited by the Romanian Ministry of Labour and acts only based on the laws which govern the recruitment agencies in Romania.
4Are there any other expenses I have to consider?
Yes, there are a few extra expenses you have to consider. These are travel expenses to the workplace and pocket money to have on you until the first paycheck.
5Does the employer provide living accommodation, board and plane ticket?
In most cases the living accommodations are provided by the employer, for free especially in HoReCa, but there are some cases where the cost of living accommodation are deducted from the paycheck. Either way, the employers comes to the employee’s aid, identifying each time housing options, ridding the employee of such worries. Also, in HoReCa there are usually two-three meals a day, while in other fields, the employer only offers one meal during the work schedule. Usually, international transportation is paid by the candidate and the employer can arrange transportation from the airport to the accommodation unit. In very rare cases, when it is not possible for a representative of the employer to meet the candidate at the airport, our agency will provide at departure a very well planned itinerary (travel plan) so that you can get to your destination easily and safe.
6What are the housing conditions?
The living accommodations differ from one field to another. In most cases there are double rooms which house 2 people, but there a few situations where the housing is made in single rooms. In the HoReCa field there are usually administrative rooms just for the employees, right in the hotel where you work. It’s good to know that you also have the possibility to find another housing unit if you feel it is better for you.
7Are there any job offers where experience is not required?
There are plenty of jobs for which no experience is required, however in most situations (especially for jobs in the UK and for the ones in tourism) knowing a foreign language is compulsory (preferably English). Also, in some cases, qualifications are obtained at the workplace, offering constant training and briefing.
8How do the interviews with the employer play out?
The interviews with the employer take place in three ways: by phone, by video-conference (Skype) or face to face. Before the interview, the Consultant will give each candidate the best advice about how to prepare for the interview and about the way the interview will unfold, so there are no problems during the interview.
9How many hours will I work on a daily basis?
The work schedule is always provided in the employment contract which you will sign before departure. There is usually a minimum of 8 hours/day, 5-6 days/week and in case of overtime, you will be paid according to the law.
10How soon will I leave from the moment I registered?
Generally, the departures take between 2 to 4 weeks from the time of registration, there are however situations in which the departure can be sooner or even up to 2 months because there are more factors involved: the work offer, your profile, the time the employer needs you there, competition on the positions etc.
11What happens if I want to leave my job earlier?
If you want to leave earlier than specified in the employment contract, it should not be a problem because the work relationship can end if both parties agree upon it or by resignation with prior notice. However, it is very important to talk with the employer when you want to make this decision and tell him why you want to leave.
12Will I have support if I have problems at the workplace?
Of course, our company offers you the help you need. This is why we offer you an emergency phone number available 24/7. Any problem with the employer, any non-compliance of the employment contract or any other objective impediment you meet must be brought to our attention immediately. Our company will mediate the conflict and also, if it comes to it, will make sure you are replaced, in similar conditions, at another employer, no extra cost. This is the quality guarantee we offer all the people we mediate.



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