A. Price for entering the Franchise network – to be paid only once

B. Preparation for starting the business:

The Franchisee must have between 10,000 and 20,000 Euro - initial investment for setting up the main office, branding it in accordance with the directions given by the Franchisor, acquitting the basic materials (desks, computers, copiers etc.) and expenses with hiring personnel and other specific expenses.

2. Monthly fees and commissions

A. Royalty fee

For the recruiting projects which the Franchisor makes available to the Franchisee: 3% of the proceeds. The monthly royalty fee will not be smaller than 250 Euro + VAT for the first 3 months of activity, 300 Euro + VAT for the next 9 months of activity and 400 Euro for the first months of activity.

B. Software license

License for using the recruiting software, integrated with the included web platform and website maintenance: 100 Euro + VAT/month/unit opened.

C. Avertising fund

Contribution to the advertising fund: 2% of the turnover, but no less than 100 Euro + VAT/month/unit opened.

D. Commissioning of recruitment projects

Commissioning of recruitment projects: it is the commission received by the Franchiser and applied as percentage of the amounts received by the Franchisee, based on the recruitment projects made available and administrated by the Franchiser. Based on the complexity of the recruiting project, this can differ from case to case.
Duration of the franchising contract: 3 years, with the possibility of automated renewal, without any additional fees.



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