The recruitment process is a very simple one. We have managed trough past experience to build an accessible structure from our first contact straight to your dream job.

BONUS: Enjoy constant monitoring and support

All the candidates are offered post-placement services so that for any problem that might occur at the workplace you will be given support and counseling for resolving the issue.

Quality Warranty

If your work contract has not been honored and the mediation of the conflict could not be realized within 15 days, we will place you at a new workplace, free of cost.

24/7 Contact

You will be given access to an emergency telephone number, available non-stop.


Your dossier must have the following documents:

  • English CV
  • 1 Passport type photo ( 3,5 x 4,5 cm)
  • 1 Full Body photo, size 9/13, in an office outfit
  • Passport copy / Identity Card copy
  • Copy of the last Diploma of Studies
  • Criminal record certificate „No police convictions”
  • Medical certificate „clinically healthy both physically and mentally”
  • Copy of work card (if there is one)
  • Copy of qualification certificates (if there are any)
  • Evidence issued by The Ministry of Internal Affairs that states that you do not have legal interdiction to leave the city or any other limitations of the right to free movement outside the country borders



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