Profile of the franchisee

- Willing and eager to engage in this field of work
- Who have or have had a successful business for more than 3 years
- Who have experience in human resources
- People oriented
- Success oriented
- Dedicated to growing their own business
Recruiting agencies
- Who wish to perform in this line of work
- Who always try to improve themselves
- Are client-oriented (B2B and B2C)
The key to success is the ability of the entrepreneur to correctly implement the Operational Manual made available by the Franchiser. The Operational Manual has all the know-how and all the necessary work procedures for successfully launching and deploying the activity.
Financially, it is essential for the franchisee to have all the financial means necessary for entering the franchise network (depending on the franchise type chosen), for the initial investment plus the cash-flow necessary for covering the expenses of the first months of activity.



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