Chefs (all levels) – Great Britain

Euro Staff Solution Chefs (all levels) - Great Britain


Hourly salary, monthly salary and payment dates


Minimum earning

7.38-8.42 GBP/ hour

depdening on candidate’s profile

Salaries vary according to experience level and are established following the interview and signing the employment contract.

*Salary is paid monthly, bimonthly or weekly according to the employment contract. Usually employers pay in the bank account opened by the employee at a British bank.




Position, job title or profession

Comis Chef Demi Chef de Partie Chef de Partie

Services beneficiary

Various UK companies which are looking for staff in the HoReCa sector


All selected candidates receive training at the workplace, according to quality policies of the employer

Accepted age

Between 18 – 40 years old. Candidates between 40-50 years old may be accepted depending on their CV and prior approval from the British employer.

Number of available positions

240 positions available for the current year


Good attitude, hard working, serious, friendly, in good physical and mental shape, well organized

HoReCa experience

Minimum 3 months relevant experience


Not required, but it may be an advantage during selection

English level

Minimum level 6 on a scale from 1 to 10

Other foreign languages

Not required, but qualified candidates have an advantage during selection

Italian level

Not required but it is an advantage during selection

Other foreign languages

Not required but it is an advantage during selection

Driver’s licence

Not required


Overtime may be available, after shifts, when restaurants needs the staff

Salary increases

Employer may offer salary raises/ career growth according to employee performance

Cases in which the employee’s payment rights can be pursued

In all salary related cases, the candidate may contact empowered British institutions. Employer may deduct from employee’s salary amount of prejudice, when material damages have been made by employee. If candidate brings considerable material damages, employer has the right to pursue employee in court for recovering full damage.

Working/ resting hours

- Minimum 36 working hours/ week, maximum 70 working hours/ week - 5-6 working days/ week - 1-2 days off/ week Working and/ or off days are agreed upon with the employer, through the contract.

Nature and length of contract

Employment contract, full time. Contract duration is 12 months, but this can be extended by mutual agreement.

Transport ticket (home country - UK - home country)

Employer usually does not cover travel expenses, but there can be exceptions


Pre-identified temporary accommodation, paid by the employer. Usually, temporary accommodation expenses, including utilities (water, gas, electricity, trash etc.) can be up to 200-250 GBP/ month depending on location. Rent is paid weekly or monthly, depdening on accommodation owner. Accommodation may be done at a hostel/ hotel/ apartment/ house, shared rooms, close to the workplace. Temporary accommodation is offered for 3 days up to 2 weeks or even throughout the training (1 month), depending on employer decision. During this time employee must secure a permanent accommodation according to their preferences. It is recommended that candidate has at least 350 EUR for first month of accommodation and possible renting commissions.


Usually employees are offered free meals during working hours. There are situations when meals are paid, but prices are modest.

Local transport

Paid by the employee

Social insurances

Paid by the employer, according to British law

Health insurances

Paid by the employer, according to British law

Length, procedure and payment rights for vacation

Candidates enjoy vacation time, according to their employment contract. Usually employees are allowed to request vacation after 4 weeks since beginning work, in accordance to the number of already worked days. Employer may restrict vacation days during, for example, busy seasons.

Work, protection and security conditions

Work conditions are normal, and safety and security measures are communicated during training done at the work place. Employer insures correct work conditions, protection and work security measures before beginning work. Training is given during first day regarding health protection and safety at the workplace. Work is done in prestigious restaurants, in very good quality and hygiene conditions.



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