Domiciliary care – Great Britain (employment contract)

Euro Staff Solution Domiciliary care – Great Britain (employment contract)



People care
Preparing food and drinks
Easy house care responsibilities
Supervising the client in taking the necessary medication
Support in social activities
Performing care plans while giving a person-centered approach
Support service users to live independently in their homes and the local community

Hourly salary, monthly salary and payment dates

Monday to Sunday

8.20 GBP - 8.90 GBP / hour

Saturdays, Sundays and on national holidays

9 GBP- 9.70 GBP / hour


*During the training course, the employee is paid the normal hourly rate. Salary is offered once a month. As a rule, companies in the UK pay their bankroll in the bank account opened by the candidate on their behalf, at a bank in the UK. The candidate has the possibility to transfer the winnings or by bank transfer to a Romanian account.




Job title

Infirmary / Auxiliary Health Staff. Is the person who takes care of the elderly or disabled person in the UK. The infirmary will visit different elderly clients at the Coordinator / Manager hours and will assist them in their daily activities by being encouraged to participate in them and to help them lead a normal life in society. By providing support to the elderly in their own home, it offers them the opportunity to stay in the family and community and they can continue their relationship without pressure and without stressing in any way because they do not understand their health problem or not I know how to handle it.


The agency will intermediate signing the employment contracts between candidates and various companies in the UK who provide job vacancies in home health care

Theoretical course

All candidates are trained according to British standards in various subjects with practical applicability in healthcare

Duration of training

The employer provides free assistance to help the employee adapt to driving the car on the right side of the road in the first 2 to 4 weeks of work. National qualifications recognized by health and social care institutions and followed by the employee are paid by the employer.

Taking part in training

Participation in courses is mandatory

Place of work

Candidates will work anywhere in the UK as specified by the UK company


Only women are accepted on this program

Accepted Age

Age between 25 and 50, but candidates over this age can be accepted, but it depends on their resume and prior approval from British employers


People with a good attitude, hard-working, serious, friendly, in good physical and mental fitness and who have no health problems will be accepted on this program.

Marital status

This program allows both married and unmarried / divorced persons

Experience in healthcare

Experience not required, but experienced candidates have an advantage during selection


Qualification not required, but qualified candidates have an advantage during selection

Required language

On a notable scale from 1 to 10, candidates must have an English level of at least 5-6, both spoken and read/written

Other foreign languages

Knowledge of other foreign languages is not required, but it is an advantage

Driver’s licence

A category B driving license is required

Length of work and rest time

- Minimum 40 hours/week - 5-6 working days/week - 1-2 days free / week These working and/or free days are agreed between the candidate and the employer through the employment contract.

Nature and duration of contract, employment, termination of employment and re-employment conditions

Contract nature: employment contract for an indefinite period. The contracting condition is that the candidate is selected and obtain a work contract to sign with a UK company that provides vacancies in healthcare. The termination of the employment contract shall be made by agreement of the parties, by termination in the case of culpable non-observance of the contractual obligations, by the fortuitous impossibility of execution, by other causes expressly stipulated by the law.

Transport tickets to the UK

The transport ticket is paid by the employee. Employer will partially offset transport costs to earning the first salary based on the ticket / receipt of the ticket.


Accommodation is prepaid by the employer and deducted from the employee's salary. The cost is deducted from the employee's earnings and can reach the maximum of GBP 80 / week including bills for 1-2 persons per room depending on the location.


Meals are not included

Local transport

The employee will use the company's car for work interest, fuel costs being paid by the employer.

Work conditions, protection and security

The candidate will work in the homes of the service users or any other unit belonging to the UK employer group. The employee has to observe the employer's policies and procedures (as they will be changed occasionally) to perform her duties. Work safety and security measures will be brought to the attention of the training session taking place on the first day of training



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