Eldercare – Italy (self-employed)

Euro Staff Solution eldercare Italy selfemployed


Hourly salary, monthly salary and payment dates



600 EUR/ month gross

depending on candidate’s profile


*Earnings are paid monthly, usually in the bank account opened by the candidate at an Italian bank, or cash.




Job title

Elder Caretaker/ Badanta / Cleaning staff It is the person who takes care of the children/ elders

Services beneficiary

Various Italian families which are looking for staff in this area

Fiscal code application

All candidates who work in Italy must apply for Fiscal code in order to be able to pay their contributions from their earnings. In order to obtain the Fiscal code they must have a residence permit. Application rules are clearly stated and updates on the official Agenzia delle Entrate’s website via this link http://www.agenziaentrate.gov.it/

Number of available vacancies

700 available positions during the current year


Candidates work all over Italian territory, as specified by the Host family in their contract, so upon registration candidates must agree to be placed anywhere in Italy.


Good attitude, hard working, serious, friendly, in good physical and mental shape, with no health problems

Marital status

Both married and single/ divorced candidates may be accepted


Not required, but experienced candidates have an advantage during selection.


Not required, but qualified candidates have an advantage during selection

Italian level

Not required but it is an advantage during selection

Other foreign languages

Not required but it is an advantage during selection

Driver’s licence

Not required but it is an advantage during selection

Working time and resting time

- 10 working hours/ day depending on daily needs - 6 working days/ week - 1 day off/ week Working/ resting days are agreed upon with Host family, via the contract.

Nature and length of contract

Commercial contract, self-employer. Contract is usually for 6 months but this can be extended by mutual agreement of parties.

Transport ticket (home country – Italy)

Transport costs are covered entirely by the candidate. Airport pick-up: in most cases this is done free of charge for arriving candidates.


Offered free of charge by the Host family. Depending on living space, candidate may have to share room with up to 3 persons.


Minimum 1 meal/ day free of charge, but most families offer 3 meals/ day

Local transport

Not offered, as accommodation and workplace are in the same location

Work conditions, protection and security

Candidate must follow and observe rules and regulations as established by the Host family, in order to fulfil their contract. Work conditions are normal, security and safety measures are communicated during the first day of work. Work is done in the Host family’s household, in very good quality and hygiene conditions, in both day and night shifts as is the case.

Other expenses

Plane ticket / Pocket money



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