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Euro Staff Solution Tank container truck drivers EU



Responsibilities include delivering and pick-up of goods, reporting, safety and work protection, and other responsibilities as per management’s decision. Employees must maintain a positive attitude which encourages teamwork in the workplace and ensures a favorable image for the Employer.
Delivering of goods
Loading and unloading goods
Keeping a travel log regarding quantity and type of delivered goods
Driving long distances
Fueling gas, cleaning truck, washing mirrors
Reporting to superiors all incidents along the way

Your dossier must have the following documents:

  • CV in English
  • 1 passport photo, candidate must smile
  • 1 full body photo, size 9/13, office attire
  • Copy of last studies diploma
  • Copy of qualification papers
  • 2 recommendations, in original, in English, from previous employers
  • Application form
  • Medical form
  • Passport/ ID copy
  • Birth certificate, in original + translated and legalized in English
  • Clean criminal record
  • Clean medical record
  • Copy of driver’s licence
  • Copy of tacho card
  • Copy of ADR card
  • Copy of Professional competency certificate
  • Other relevant documents (diplomas, references etc.)

Hourly salary, monthly salary and payment dates


During months with 4 weeks of work

1.877 EUR/ month net

this includes salary + daily allowance

During months with 3 weeks of work

1.377 EUR/ month net

this includes salary + daily allowance


*Drivers receive a base salary for worked days. Apart from this, each driver receives a daily allowance of 50 EUR for meals during each work day. In days not driving, employee does not receive daily allowance.
Salary is paid monthly, on the 30th of the month. Daily allowance is paid also monthly, until the 10th of the month. Usually companies pay in the employee’s bank account.




Job title

Tank container truck driver


Various EU companies and candidates looking for work in the transport and logistics industries


Once arrived at the workplace, employee must participate in the theoretical and practical training which is mandatory before beginning work. Training is fee for all employees.
Training is done according to international regulations, in various practical areas:
- Health and safety
- Risk evaluation
- Theory, practice and evaluation in moving and handling goods
- Risks of alcohol and cigarettes consumption
... etc
Upon arrival, all candidates with under 3 years experience pass through the following evaluation tests:
1. Driving test (performed every Tuesday and Thursday)
- Driving the truck
- Connecting truck & trailer via cable
- Backing up the truck and trailer in a p-box, and back to the ramp
- Driving on the highway
- Other relevant tests
2. Driving rules and resting hours knowledge test
- Multiple choices test regarding international truck driving rules, and traffic rules
During training employees are paid.

Duration of training

After employee’s arrival at the workplace they pass through a 14-day training, before beginning work. During this course candidates are paid salary.


Benelux (Belgium, Netherland, Luxembourg), France, Germany and other European countries depending on employer’s business needs. Work may take place in any unit belonging to the employer from the above countries, and the employee shall be available for fulfilling their duties to the employer.

Period for recruitment

It is the employee’s responsibility, after entering into a contractual relationship with a British company, to apply for their NINO (National Insurance Number) in order to pay their contributions to the state. Candiates are entitled to work full time, as per their employment contract.


Between 21 and 50 years old. Candidates over 50 years old may be accepted depending on experience.


Good attitude, hard working, serious, friendly, in good physical and mental health, with no medical problems

Marital status

Both married and single/ divorced candidates may be accepted


Minimum 1 year previous experience as a heavy trucks driver (40t) in Europe; candidates with relevant experience have an advantage during selection.
- Candidates with min. 1 year experience in European traffic will undergo an exam upon arrival
- Candidates with more than 3 years experience do not have to pass this exam


Owning an ADR card, a Professional competency certificate and a tacho card are mandatory. Owning a diploma or specialization could be an advantage.

English level

Minimum level 6 on a scale from 1 to 10

Other foreign languages

Not required.

Driver’s licence

All candidates must have type C and E driver’s licence, from at least 1 year prior


Drivers may receive a quarterly bonus of 250 EUR to their salary for superior performance and qualities. All trucks are equipped with communication, navigation and time management computers.

Working and resting time

- Up to 15 working hours/ day, according to EU traffic regulations
- Usually 8-9 driving hours/ day
- Usually 5-6 working days/ week
- Resting time in accordance with EU regulations
- Every 6 weeks of work can be followed by 1 week of, id employee so desires. During this time employees do not receive daily allowance.

Overtime and salary increases

Not available. Employee may have access to a salary increase after 12 months of work.

Cases in which the employee’s payment rights can be pursued

In all salary related cases employee may contact empowered institutions from the country where his employment contract has been registered. Employer may deduct from employee’s salary amount of prejudice, when material damages have been made by employee. If candidate brings considerable material damages, employer has the right to pursue employee in court for recovering full damage.

Nature and length of contract

Employment contract, full time.
12 months contract, which can be extended.

International transport (home country – employment country)

Travel costs to the working country are fully or partially reimbursed by the employer.

Airport pickup

Employer sends a bus to pick up employees from the airport, free of charge. In cases when airport pick-up is not available, employee offers a local travel plan.


Pre-identified by employer. Accommodation is free of charge. Drivers sleep in the beds inside the trucks. Additionally they have access to company offices to washing machines, showers and other necessary utilities.


Employees receive a daily allowance of 50 EUR for meals. They have to procure meals by themselves.

Local transport

Paid and organized by employee

Social insurance

Paid by employer

Health insurance

Covered through the employment contract

Sick leave

Allowed, if employee presents a note from hospital. Sick days are paid.

Length, procedure and payment rights for vacation

14 vacation days/ year

Work, protection and security conditions

Normal working conditions, security and health measures are communicated during training. Employee must follow employer’s policies and procedure.

Financial compensation in case of accident, professional illness or death

Employees must procure a medical private insurance which covers such situations.

Duties, taxes and contributions due by employees

Automatically deducted from the emplyee’s gross salary by employer

Other expenses

Minimum 200 EUR pocket money until first salary, for personal comfort



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