Warehouse workers – United Kingdom (employment contracts)

Euro Staff Solution Warehouse workers – United Kingdom (employment contracts)



Storing goods
Checking goods and products from stock
Moving goods and products to/ out of the warehouse
Signing delivery papers
Writing down damaged goods
Picking and packing goods for delivery
Loading and unloading goods and merchandise
Visiting loading and unloading spaces
Maintaining cleanliness within the warehouse
Supporting other warehouse workers
Loading and unloading various materials to be used in works throughout the warehouse
Handling goods according to indications from superiors, without damage

Your dossier must have the following documents:

  • English CV
  • 1 Passport type photo ( 3,5 x 4,5 cm)
  • 1 Full Body photo, size 9/13, in an office outfit
  • Passport copy / Identity Card copy
  • Copy of the last Diploma of Studies
  • Criminal record certificate „No police convictions”
  • Medical certificate „clinically healthy both physically and mentally”
  • Copy of work card (if there is one)
  • Copy of qualification certificates (if there are any)
  • Evidence issued by The Ministry of Internal Affairs that states that you do not have legal interdiction to leave the city or any other limitations of the right to free movement outside the country borders

Hourly salary, monthly salary and payment dates


*Payment is made every 4 weeks via bank transfer, into the bank account opened in the employee’s name. Employee may transfer their earnings to an account from their home country.




Job title

Warehouse worker/ Goods handler for various British companies


The agency mediates employment contracts between candidates and various companies from the UK, which have vacancies such as: Warehouse worker, Goods handler


Taking part in the training session organized by British companies is mandatory

Duration of training

Training takes between 2 and 5 days, depending on each employee’s ability to assimilate information, and is paid by the employer. At the end of the training period, all employees take part in an evaluation test, which is mandatory.

Taking part in training

Taking part in the training course in mandatory. Course is free for employees, as it is paid or by the employer.

Legal work base

It is the employee’s responsibility, after entering into a contractual relationship with a British company, to apply for their NINO (National Insurance Number) in order to pay their contributions to the state. Candiates are entitled to work full time, as per their employment contract.

Period of recruitment

April 2018 / (until all vacancies are occupied)


Both women and men are eligible


Couples are eligible on this project


Minimum age is 18 years, there is no maximum age limit


Good attitude, hardworking, serious, friendly, in good physical and mental shape, with good communication skills, organized, with no health issues

Civil status

Married, not married/ divorced persons are eligible


Experience not required, but experienced candidates have an advantage during selection


Qualification not required, but qualified candidates have an advantage during selection.

English level

Conversational English is required.

Other foreign languages

Other foreign languages not required.

Driver’s licence

Not required, but candidates with a valid licence and experience have an advantage during selection.


Employee agrees to work overtime as per business needs. Planned and mandatory overtime is paid at normal rate. Emergency mandatory overtime is paid at 1 ½ of normal rate. Unplanned and optional overtime is paid 1,25 of normal rate. This fee is paid only if all planned overtime from the current week have been already done. If a day has been missed due to health reasons, them overtime will be paid at normal rate of pay.


Tips not applicable.


According to annual reviews, employer may decide salary raises and/ or promotions depending on employee performance.

Cases in which employee’s payment rights can be pursued

In all salary related cases, candidate may contact the abilitated British institutions. Employee may become a union member in order to have their interests defended in front of the employer.

Working and resting time

- Usually 3 days off/ week, depending on shift (can be day, evening or night shift depending on business needs)
- 40 hours/ week contractually guaranteed minimum hours, including 4 hours unpaid break, minimum 36 working hours/ week. Employer reserves the right to raise contractual working hours up to 44/ week – inclusind 4.4 hours unpaid break – as long as business demands it. Depending on business needs and on employee requests, up to 44 working hours/ week are allowed.

Nature and duration of contract, employment, termination of employment and re-employment conditions

Employment contract, full time. Undetermined period, first 13 consecutive weeks are probation period. In order to be employed, candidate must be selected based on CV/ interview and tests. Termination of employment will be detailed in the work offer.

Transport tickets to the UK

British companies/ employers usually do not pay for travel/ airplane ticket. There can be exceptions when ticket is paid by company/ employer.


Employees must obtain accommodation in the city they will be working in before beginning work. If they cannot, they can keep in contact with employer for a temporary accommodation. During this time they must secure and pay for a permanent accommodation. Employer assists in finding a temporary/ permanent accommodation before arrival in the UK. This assistance is not a contractual obligation, but an unconditional support offered to the employee. Usually, costs are covered by the employee. Depending on each landlord, accommodation costs may be deducted from earnings or may be paid by employee directly. Some landlords may ask for an advance and/ or deposit. Depending on the area, weekly rent can be between 60-90 GBP/ week.


Meals are not offered by the employer. But, where warehouses also have a canteen, employees gain access during lunch breaks. In such cases, menu prices are very advantageous for employees.

Local transport

Local transport to/ from work is paid for by employee.

Social insurance

Employees enjoy social insurance paid by employer, based on British legislation.

Health insurance

Employees enjoy health insurance identical to that offered to British citizens, based on British legislation.

Sick leave

Employees enjoy sick leave, offered and paid according to British legislation. First 3 days of sick leave are not paid.

Duration and conditions of rest leave

Employees enjoy rest leave based on their employment contract, up to 200 hours/ year. Employee has the right to rest leave after 4 weeks of work, in direct proportion with the number of hours already worked. Employer may restrict rest leave access for a certain period, for example during busy periods/ high times.

Work conditions, protection and security

Candidate must follow internal regulations set by the employer, as instructed, in order to follow their employment contract. Work conditions are normal, and protection and security measures are communicated from the first day. Work is done is warehouses, in normal working conditions, using various goods handling equipment.

Financial compensation in case of accident, professional illness or death

Compensation for work accidents, professional illness or death will be done according to British law.

Employment taxes and contributions

Employer pays taxes and contributions directly from salary, as per British law. Social insurance taxes and contributions are directly deducted from employee’s gross salary, and paid by the employer. It is the employee’s responsibility to prevent double taxation for social insurances.

Employment taxes and contributions

Employer pays taxes and contributions directly from salary, as per British law. Social insurance taxes and contributions are directly deducted from employee’s gross salary, and paid by the employer. It is the employee’s responsibility to prevent double taxation for social insurances.



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