Windows and doors Fitters – Great Britain

Euro Staff Solution Windows and doors Fitters - Great Britain


Hourly salary, monthly salary and payment dates


Minimum earning

460-510 GBP per week

For holders of category B driving license

depending on where the employee is assigned

Minimum earning

495-545 GBP per week

For holders of category C driving license

depending on where the employee is assigned

*The salary is paid weekly on Fridays by bank transfer




Position, job title or profession

Windows and doors Fitters


The places of work are London and Wellesbourne


New employees participate in a training course on working conditions and safety rules. The course is free, and this is mandatory. During the execution of the employment contract, the new employees will be supported in order to obtain the Category C driving license. The course will be paid by the employer, and then deducted from the employee's salary.

Duration of training

The training period lasts between 2 and 7 days, depending on the ability of each to assimilate the information presented and is paid by the employer.

Taking part in training

Participation in the training course is mandatory. The course is free for candidates and even paid by the employer.

Legal work base

Individual employment contract, full time.

Period of recruitment

Until all the vacancies are filled




Anyone with good physical condition


We accept people with good attitude, hard workers, serious, friendly, in good physical and mental condition, with good communication skills, organized and who do not have any health problems

Civil status

Married, not married/ divorced persons are eligible


Min. 3 months experience in construction, or ideal for mounting windows and doors. For those without experience in the field, specialized workplace training is provided.


Qualification not required, but qualified candidates have an advantage during selection.

English level

Min. beginner level, ideal middle / conversational level.

Other foreign languages

Knowledge of other foreign languages is not required.

Driver’s license

Min. category B, ideal categories B and C.


When asked to work on Saturdays, the day worked is paid with weekly salary divided by 5.


Depending on the weekly performance, you may go from Class 3 to Class 2, which implies a GBP 50 / week salary increase.

Working and resting time

- 5 working days / week - Usually up to 55 working hours / week

Nature and duration of contract, employment, termination of employment and re-employment conditions

Individual employment contract, full time, for an indefinite period Conditions of employment: meeting the eligibility conditions and holding a valid B driving license. The trial period is 2 years The termination of the employment contract will be detailed in the employment contract.

Transport tickets to the UK

The international ticket is paid by the candidate. Depending on the profile, there may be situations where the employer pays its value.


The employer supports the new employee in organizing temporary accommodation of up to 3 months, during which time the employee will move to permanent accommodation. The temporary accommodation deposit is paid by the employer and is not refundable. The rent is up to 75 -100 GBP / week depending on the location and deducted from the salary of the employee. 1-2 persons / room.

Social insurances

Paid by the employer, according to British law

Health insurances

Paid by the employer, according to British law

Work conditions, protection and security

Candidate must follow internal regulations set by the employer, as instructed, in order to follow their employment contract. Work conditions are normal, and protection and security measures are communicated from the first day.

Financial compensation in case of accident, professional illness or death

Compensation for work accidents, professional illness or death will be done according to British law.

Employment taxes and contributions

Employer pays taxes and contributions directly from salary, as per British law. Social insurance taxes and contributions are directly deducted from employee’s gross salary, and paid by the employer. It is the employee’s responsibility to prevent double taxation for social insurances. The candidate pays to the British State the contributions due to earnings earned from the salary.



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